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Our employees’ technological innovation gain great achivements

May 31,2014

The statistical summary,Our company applied and passed State Patent Office patent first trial up to 31 new patents in 2013 (including patents 5, utility model patents 26).


In recent years,our company focus on innovation development, economic transformation and upgrading requirements .we will cultivate "wisdom, technology, invention, will innovation" staff as the goal ,and also decide to stimulate staff’s creativity and potential of wisdom as the focus , and carry out the job even Bin, technological innovation,invention,energy saving,reduce costs,improve efficiency and other workers in technological innovation activities,a large number of employees outstanding technical innovations.we take large numbers of worker technology innovation activities,such as job training,technological innovation,inventions,saving energy,reducing costs,improving efficiency.there are plenty of outstanding staff’s technical innovations.


The patents of this application, such as an automatic welding machine, powder material on the transition position, a new drilling, have novel technology, easy operation, efficiency, quality assurance, interchangeable characteristics, It show skill level of our employees, and also achieve purposes of improving efficiency, increasing effectiveness, and promoting development .