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Introduction of Operation Control System of Concrete Mixing Plant

Sep 14,2017

Core tip: There are three control methods of concrete batching plant operation control system: staple type microcomputer interface technique、centralization microcomputer control, centralization double microcomputer control;

At present, the main configuration of concrete mixing station is centralized double microcomputer operation control system, which adopt the industry control system, I/O collection and high-precision weighing system. According to the production process and quality requirement of concrete batching plant, through controlling software to realize the data acquisition and production full-automatic control, also can realize the real-time recording of production data, so we can use the data management to query/ print various manufacturing statement. This system hardware allocation is scientific, reasonable model selection, overall stability is good, powerful and has numerous superiorities: 1. Running automatic: Realize the automatic continuous production function mixing station equipment and improve the production efficiency. In addition, it has the function of automatic water content conversion function. 2. The total number of batches can be automatically converted, which can reduce the possibility of workload and incorrect operation. 3. High batching accuracy: self-correcting ingredient parameter, to improve automatic weighing accuracy. 4. High safety factor, reliable run and compact structure. 5. Simple operation: the system provides the full-automatic and single automatic two modes of operation. Under the full-automatic, it is no need artificial intervene, the microcomputer can complete the whole blending process and real time print.

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