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Two Points of Solving the Dust Pollution of Concrete Batching Plant

Aug 17,2017

1. It is a key step to  dust removal equipment to accurate planning, allocation and reasonable selection. The dust remover is directly mounted to the inclined belt cap. All the air inducing tube also connected  with the inclined belt cap to provide settlement space for the dust  blown by the air duct, it is effective for reducing the dust quantity directly entered in the dust remover. A pneumatic butterfly valve which is automatically operated by a concrete batching plant operating system is installed at the lower inlet device of the dust collecting hopper.

2. The dust removal equipment should be carefully checked and maintained. The control of the dust removable vibrator in silo dust collector is very important, but vast number of concrete mixing plant customers don’t have the awareness of its seriousness, it’s often too late when you want to use the vibrator to remove the dust on filter until the dust removal effect is not good enough, the safety relief valve begins to run out of ash and the dust remover is full of ash. Therefore, it is essential to check if there are accumulated dust in the dust collecting pipe every shift, as the non vertical dust collecting pipe is easy to block. To regularly check the dust accumulation situation of all the dust remover filter, when necessary to disassembly and arrange, clean the filfter.                                                                              

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