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The Features of Concrete Batching Plant

Aug 04,2017

The concrete batching plant is consisted of 5 parts: concrete mixer, material weighing system, material conveying system, material storage system, control system and other auxiliary facilities. The working principle is to use cement as cement material and mix the sand, lime, cinder and other material, eventually made into concrete and put on production.

The concrete batching plant mainly divided into four parts sand feeding, powder feeding, water and admixture feeding, transfer mixing and storage , the whole equipment is made of integral steel structure, high quality H steel not only has the beautiful appearance, but also strengthen the overall structural strength, easy to install the equipment, can be applied to a variety of complex terrain structure.

Concrete batching plant has the excellent mixing property, the equipment adopts the screw type double horizontal shaft compulsory mixer, not only strong concrete mixing mechanism, also can achieve the excellent effect of the hardness, plasticity, and various proportions concrete. And it has the characteristics of evenly mixer and high efficiency.

The concrete batching plant not only have the good mixer, also includes the sophisticated accessories, such as screw conveyor, measuring sensor, pneumatic components, etc. These parts confirm that high reliability during the operation, accurate measurement skills and long life. Moreover, every maintenance parts of the concrete batching plant has the walking broad and check ladder, and have enough control space, the mixer can be equipped with the automatic cleaning  system, have the function of the oil shortage and over temperature alarm system , convenient to equipment maintenance.

Concrete batching plant has good environmental protection function, during the operation, the powder handling is in the full block system, powder tank adopts the high efficiency dust collector , mist spray or other ways to reduce the dust pollution to the environment , at the same time, the concrete mixing station adopts the silencing device to the pneumatic system and the discharge equipment, which effectively reduces the noise pollution.

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