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Great Wall Organize Workers to Receive Occupational Health Examination

Apr 05,2016


Our company organize workers at production line to receive occupational health examination  
In order to prevent, control and eliminate occupational hazards and guarantee the safety, health and related interests of employees in the production and labor, In early January, our company organize more than 80 workers who work at the at position of welding, cutting, grinding, lathe work, sandblasting, forklifts,ect. for a long time to receive occupational health examination carried out by the xingyang health epidemic prevention station.

To ensure the safety and convenience of our staff, through consultation, the epidemic prevention station medical personnel come to company at half past seven to prepare with their inspection instruments and epidemic prevention vehicle, and each inspection team begin to work at 7:50.

The inspection, there are blood tests, urinalysis, vision, hearing, internal medicine, surgery, lung function, electrocardiogram (ecg), ultrasound, x-ray chest fluoroscopy, etc., employees receiving the check observe discipline and queue up. inspection department personnel mix and blend potions consciously, combined with the medical staff is responsible earnestly, diligent, physical examination work progress is fast,with high quality and effect.More than ten o 'clock in the morning, more than 80 people have been finished all physical examination. The medical staff of Epidemic prevention station said: " this activity is organized very well by the Great Wall company leadership, the workers are discipline and are with high quality, which embodies the management level and the spirit of the leading enterprises ."