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How much technical patents do you have?

Jan 03,2015

Till year 2014, we have 107 national protection level utility technical patents. Technology is the root of high quality products. We attach top importance on technology innovation and upgrading, and have timely and scientifical technology innovation system based on market needs, project experiences and User reflections. Apart product technology innovation, we also highly emphasize the innovation on manufacturing technique.

Folowing is part of our technical patents:
Concrete Mixer With An Anti-Lock System And Climbing Hopper,
Concrete Mixer And Its Weighing Modules,
Water Weighing And Feeding System And The Concrete Mixer Using The System,
Side-Hanging Motor Bracket And The Concrete Mixer Using It,
Climbing Hopper Type Concrete Mixer And Its Cement Weighing Device,
Low-Noise Double Shaft Concrete Mixer,
A Counterweight Assembly and the Tower Crane with it ,
A Special Kind of Tower Crane,
A Mixing Drum and the Stabilized Soil Mixer Using It,
A New Type of Stabilized Soil Mixer,
Mixing Drum Device And The Concrete Mixer Using The Device,
Mixing Shaft Device And The Concrete Mixer Using The Device,
Concrete Mixer With The Function Of Anti-Clogging When Power Off,
Water Weighing Hopper And The Concrete Mixer Using The Hopper,
Concrete Mixer With Forced Horizontal-Shaft,
Rotating Mechanism for Tower Crane,
A Kind of Tower Crane, its Working Platform and the Connection Structure of the Operation Platform,
An anti-pinched Cage and the Construction Elevator Using It,
A Mixing Shaft Assembly and the Stabilized Soil Mixer.