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Our company was invited to participate in the National Construction Machinery Quality Conference

Jan 03,2015

December 11 -12, the National Construction Machinery Quality and elevator industry work conference held in Guiyang City. National Urban and Rural Construction and Ministry of Construction Machinery Industry Branch President Zhang Xiaoxuan, Executive Vice President and Secretary General Zhu Jian and other leaders attended the conference. My company,XCMG and other famous enterprises together were invited to take part in country built machines and elevator industry quality management event.


Construction Machinery Industry Branch of the meeting by the chairman Zhang Xiaoxuan entitled to improve the management level and enhance the competitiveness of speech .He stressed that it is necessary to unite the majority of industries and enterprises to jointly promote the development of construction machinery and elevator industry.

National Construction Machinery Quality Conference

Those building machine elevator enterprises ,making outstanding achievements ​​in the quality of work in 2013, were commended and awarded in this conference. Our company came twice to receive two grand prizes which were national customers satisfaction Advanced Enterprise and the National Quality Month Activity Advanced Enterprise.


Finally, Vice-chairman and Secretary General Zhujian presented to be going to carry out 13 working points in 2014 on the basis of concluding the quality of the work this year in this chapter. It will be treated as the most important task to strengthen connection among the member units, to help member companies to solve practical problems and do service work in quality management in the branch next year . He hopes the whole industry employees unite and work hard and make new contribution on the construction of high quality country.