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Great Wall Patent Design Anti-lock climbing Bucket Concrete Mixer

Dec 21,2015

 Anti-lock climbing Bucket Concrete Mixer
Patent no. : 201220566880.5
Authorization Proclamation Day:  2013.04.24

The utility new model which concern with industrial mixer technology is a kind of anti-lock climb bucket concrete mixer.

Concrete mixer compose of frame, stirring module fixed assembly on the frame and feeding section. The feeding module include crawl guide rail fixed assembly on the frame, crawl bucket and lifting motor fixed assembly on the crawl guide rail.  lifting motor connection with winding drum through reducer, crawling  by the traction of steel wire rope on the winding drum,  the oil delivery shaft between the lift motor, motor shaft and reducer matched by spline;  In the process of using, to ensure the uniformity of the motor shaft axially loaded,  so as to solve the problem of the existing climb bucket concrete mixer feeding section easy to lock problem, at the same time, because of the spline fit, the requirement on the match space between the motor shaft and the reducer become looser, which be convenient for dismantling and maintenance of motor and speed reducer.