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The Price of the Concrete Batching Plant

Sep 01,2017

How much is the concrete batching plant? This is a question that many investors who are starting a mixing station in the concrete mixing industry will ask。

With the development of construction machinery industry, all types of concrete batching plant equipment have made great improvement. Nowadays, a concrete batching plant can reach the capacity of thirty or forty square meters concrete per hour, Zhengzhou Great Wall Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer to produce concrete batching plant, we accumulate technology these years and simultaneously, we active learn and introduce the form foreign advanced technology, the concrete batching plant we produced with the function of full-automatic workflow and you can realize the control and operation of the whole plant by controlling the computer.

The price of a concrete batching plant, the specific price of the equipment needs to be calculated according to the actual orderdetails. Due to the actual establishment of the concrete batching plant, different users has different configuration parameters of dosing machine model, cement silo quantity, control room, computer control, etc, so the price can’t be generalized, want t to get specific pricing details, you contact with us, and provide your configuration instructions.

The production cost of concrete mixing station is high, and the quoted price is in proportion to the quality of the product.