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How Many Kinds of Concrete Mixing Plant in Different Classifications?

Aug 09,2017

There are many kinds of concrete mixing plant according to the different ways, this article mainly introduce the types and the difference of the concrete mixing plant according to the structure division, layout of the process, operation form  and the scale.

On the basis of the structure division, it can be divided into the movable concrete mixing plant and the fixed concrete mixing plant. Generally speaking, we choose the mobile concrete mixing plant when the engineering production is in the construction site, while choose the fixed concrete mixing plant when it is the long production in a fixed area.

On the basis of the processing set-up form, it can be divided into single-step form and double-step form. Generally speaking, the production efficiency of double-step form is lower, and low production speed, the single-step form is relative higher in production efficiency and production speed; According to the operation form of the concrete mixing plant, it can be divided into continuous type and periodic, the difference between them is that the feed system and discharge system of the periodic is according to a certain period to make cycle production, while the feed and discharge of the continuous type is continuous.

According to the scale of the concrete mixing plant, it can be divided into the small-scale concrete mixing plant and large and medium scale concrete mixing plant. The difference between them is the production efficiency, production capacity and produced concrete type.

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