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How to Ensure the Quality of Concrete Mixing Plant form Raw Material

Jul 12,2017

Concrete batching plant , as a professional commodity concrete production base, the quality of  produced concrete directly determines whether the manufacturers is profitable. For users, producing the high quality concrete, besides choosing high quality concrete mixing plant, the raw material is an important influencing factor of the concrete quality. So controlling the quality of raw materials is an important aspect of improving the quality of concrete. For concrete mixing plants, how to control the quality of raw materials?

Things  that concrete mixing plant  personnel should do:

1.     The testing laboratory  should send test personnel worked in with material personnel to control the raw material quality , timely sampling inspection of the raw material and ensure the inspection frequency.

2.     The mixing water, aggregate temperature, concrete mixing plant temperature and the ambient temperature should be tested and recorded in the concrete mixing plant.

3.     After the concrete batching , all the test personnel in the mixing station should test the working performance of concrete (slum, divergence, gas content, temperature) ,to see whether the mix meet the requirements, if not, should timely adjust rate of water content of the fine aggregate.

4.     During the transportation, the total number of revolutions of the churn should be controlled at 3000 revolutions per hour, after arriving the construction site, the churn should be rotated at high speed for 1~3 minutes before unloading. For the concrete mixing plant raw materials, both large and small concrete mixing plant should be equipped with a professional laboratory for matching and testing. At the same time, users should choose a raw material supplier which has the quality assurance for long-term cooperation, so as to better ensure the quality of concrete and realizing the long-term development of concrete mixing plant.