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The Research and Development of Grate Wall Concrete Mixer

Feb 27,2016

The Research and Development of Grate Wall Concrete Mixer
To meet the south market and some special requirements of users, the Great Wall company  developed JS500 thick shaft, drum, on the basis of the prototype JS500, specially adapted the big shaft, large shaft without welding, bolt links in 2013, greatly enhanced the intensity of the major axis, at the same time, increasing the mixer barrel wall.

And successfully developed thick shaft barrel JS750 - heavy-duty JS750 in 2014. In addition to improving its major axis, thickening the barrel wall, adopts cast steel production reducer case again this time, in order to reduce the accident because of the large stone card into the mixer and making the reducer shell cracking. 

Technology research and development department of the Great Wall Company will JS2000 type concrete mixer as improvement goals in 2016. Human beings are developing, society is making progress. The people of The Great Wall keeping pace with the times are gracing to build machine industry.