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Our City’s Trade Union Federation of Construction Machinery Industry Have Been Established

Aug 01,2015

On December 20,2013 morning,our company held an inaugural meeting for trade union federation of construction machinery industry.the leaders from Xingyang Union,Chengguan township government,Xingyang Construction Machinery Association attented this meeting.more than 30 construction machinery manufacturing enterprises’union representatives also take participate in this inaugural meeting.

Trade Union Federation of Construction Machinery Industry

Xingyang Union leaders introduce the process of preparing for the establishment of trade union federation.they also read out the decision that city union prepare for establishing the trade union federation in construction industry.Wang Youlun,Municipal Party members and Union City party secretary and the deputy chairman,point out,this trade unions should be a mass organization who can able to represent workers’ fundamental interests in the industry.It can led workers with our Party in the construction machinery industry .It also can educate and guide them to try to become the main force in the development of enterprises, and let them get benefits in labor.He hope that the union can really works: developing,achieving,safeguarding workers’interests.it can guide the majority of workers to better integrate into modernization and international city process.the union should provide a platform to create a better life for workers in construction machinery industry.It also should be contribute to the fast and best development for our city.