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Zhengzhou City Union made democratic management in our company

Jun 22,2014

Zhengzhou City Union’s people,the factory affairs confessed and democratic management of the first research group,went to research in our company and accompanied by Union leaders.


Company union officials reported methods that company implement factory affairs in multichannel and forms to the research group.First,It is meeting conveyed from the management to the staff.Second,It can use company’s blackboard and window to announce affairs.Third,It can be opened by company’s internal newspaper.Fourth,It can make public mobile number of company leaders,so that the staff can communicate with them directly.this method of opening factory affairs have good results.It also made a stable workforce,promoted harmonious construction and accelerated development of company.

democratic management

Research group leader Ma affirmed our factory affairs confessed and democratic management.He introduced practices and experiences of other advanced companies.he hope that all company unions can innovate to work in the new era,focus on company overall situation and motivate all employees,and also can make more contributes to sustainable develop of enterprises and construct of the Central Plains Economic Zone.