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Checking and judging the accreditation of independent innovation demonstration enterprises to decrease cost and promote efficiency case

Apr 22,2015

Recently, the Department of Industry, Henan Province, Zhengzhou City Public Information Committee and other leaders line of five persons, was escorted Xingyang letter appoint under the leadership of our company striving for "Henan innovation, cost efficiency demonstration enterprise" activities were carried were examined assessment, through on-site viewing and listening to the reports, the assessment group affirmed the company to carry out this activity striving measures taken and the results achieved, and put up with new demand for next year.

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Xingyang letter appoint the leadership of the company under the circumstances to carry out this work, the provincial authorities were recommended, provincial and municipal Department of Industry (Commission) and the provincial leadership expert mechanical work of the Association for inspection line multiplayer specialized assessment, I pay close attention to the company to take four innovations: focus on management innovation, focus on process innovation, focus on product innovation, focus on measures to be effective marketing innovation and affirmed and encouraged our company conscientiously sum up experiences, to consistently continue to focus on the work, improve economic efficiency, improve treatment of workers, promoting the sustainable and healthy development of enterprises.