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The Correct Choice of Dust Removal Collector

Jul 05,2017

The problem of dust collector effect reduction of the concrete batching plant has gradually become one of the most important things of the concrete batching plant. Also, it has become the key research and the problem to be solved in the R&D department of the concrete batching plant. Now, we will make a comprehensive analysis and suggestion to the problem of dust collector effect reduction in the concrete batching plant.

For the convenience and cost saving, many users directly connect the induced pipe of the mixing engine with the below of the dust collector hopper. Owing to the suction of the blower, the dust blown off by the pulse cannot settle to the bottom and flow to the host, so the filter element is in the dust all the time, the process of dust has not landed, greatly reduce the working efficiency of the dust collector. The solution is to install a butterfly valve on the bottom of the dust collector, the dust collector is off when working, all the intake pipes are connected to the side flange of the dust collector, to provide the settlement space for the dust blown off by pulse, avoid the second pollution of the filter element. According to the realistic situation, open the butterfly valve and clean out the collective dust every shift or every 4 ~5 hours, also can install a pneumatic butterfly valve controlled automatically by the concrete batching plant software operation system, open it regularly, discharge the dust into the mixing machine to reduce labor intensity.

In conclusion, correct design and reasonable choice of the dust collector device is not only can avoid the dust pollution to the atmosphere, and improve the overall performance of the concrete batching plant at the same time. 

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