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Four Reasonable Standard Management Methods of Concrete Batching Plant Equipment

Jun 28,2017


As we all know, regardless of whether the scale of the concrete batching plant is small, middle or large, they are all made of many devices, and the construction site and other aspects all need a good layout. In this way, it not only can ensure the production with rapid speed and high efficiency, but also reduce meaningless waste of the material, so that reduce the input cost.

1. The coarse aggregates should be deposited by grade. The deposition of the  coarse and fine aggregates should be divided into the qualified zone and quarantine area, separated by the partition and the height of the partition should not less than two meters. Various materials should not be mixed, and adopts the cement mortar, the ground in the silo should set a gradient, no the phenomenon of ponding.

2. All the flooring, storage hopper included, should be added light steel structure ceiling, the height of the steel structure ceiling springing line is 7 meters. Sandstone storing area and aggregate cleaning area should be set a single drainage slope; The feeding channel should be set plane and slope design combine with the mixing plant ingredients machines device parameter.

3. Sandstone should be identified according to the quality detection status of the material by regulation, the identification including the material name, origin, specification, number, indeed timing, detect state, test report number and test batches, etc.

4. Principle of cleaning and drying. The site selection of raw material ground of the concrete batching plant need to note is that drying, some material can’t be affected with damp, otherwise, it will greatly influence the quality of concrete. In addition, the placing of the raw material also need to obey the principle of cleaning, not only confirm the cleaning of the raw material itself, but also ensure that the raw material storage does not influence the cleaning of the whole concrete batching plant



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