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'The Belt and Road' Greatwall High Speed Rail Concrete Mixing Plant

Jan 15,2013

With the propulsion of the construction of  'The Belt and Road', the high speed  rail will be the first to benefit, developing overseas market gradually. ‘The Belt and Road + Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank’ will open the future growth of the construction of high-speed railway in China. At the same time, domestic demand on railway infrastructure is stable, high-speed rail and intercity lines in China construction is expected to usher the second round of high tide, the orbit transportation construction will continue to grow.

In the process of High-speed railway construction it Requir the high-speed rail construction  concrete mixing station has the following characteristics:  the precision of the ingredients and measurement,  the homogeneity of batching, put forward higher requirements on the control system material adding process.  Greatwall  has formed 10 major categories, 35 types of concrete mixing station, the first market occupation of more than 4 square of large concrete mixing station, by the 20years industry experience. Greatwall  high speed railway in concrete mixing station perfect adapt the high-speed rail construction requirements.

I.Accurate measurement to ensure the safety of concrete quality
Powder metering can choose precision feed screw: two spiral starting at the same time, when is about to reach the required feeding volume, the main screw  stop working, and the small screw continue to work to achieve the purpose of precise feeding.

•Add butterfly valve at the screw conveyor outlet, can  avoid inaccurate measurement because of in-stable discharge and lead by  inertia .
•Each powder using separate measurement, can easily fill buckle, ensure measurement accuracy.
•Among Powder scale and spiral, host, size head connection technology, do not produce Accumulate material pulling the scale. 
•Between Powder and the platform, not welding , not lock, to avoid measuring platform powder measurement has Small deformation, then cause not accurate when feeding the transition silo
•Powder Scale Ventilation structural design of loading measurement platform trace deformation cause Powder according to breathe freely, , balance the air pressure, do not pulling or holding the scale.
•Timely Adjust and improve the measuring accuracy of adjustment device, like Liquid admixtures coarse fine measurement and liquid storage bag and manual ball valve ect. 
•Used automatic drop adjustment system for electric control, maximum reduce un-accurate measurement due to the unstable drop.
•Coarse fine measurement, add, surpass and reduce scales by pulse, ensure measurement accuracy and correct
•Sand silo adopt the vibration lining plate structure, can well vibrate the sand down and will not shatter silo board. Greatly solve the not accurate aggregate measurement caused by uneven and not smooth discharge.
•Optional Micro additive measurement system, designed for Micro liquid admixtures like air-entraining agent etc.,under the condition of meet the national standard error,  the minimum add quantity can be up to 0.4 kg/square.

II.  Strong mixing efficiency to ensure a large mount concrete consumption at construction peak period.

III. Aggregate second time feeding process and mortar wrapped stone production way to meet the high-speed rail technology process.

IV. Equipped with a variety of monitoring devices to ensure the safety quality of concrete.


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