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Maintenance Of Concrete Mixing Plant at Winter Time

Jan 18,2005

 Plenty of concrete equipment needed to maintenance and repair, and some large-scale mechanical and engineering quipment even needs seasonal difference maintenance. The maintenance is different in the summer and inter season. How to maintain the concrete batching plant in the winter time? How to make it safely and normal operation in the cold season? 
Here Great Wall Company teaches you the winter maintenance skills. 
    After each day work, the operator must clean off the dust and residual inside and outside the mixing drum, at the discharging mouth, on the mixing shaft and discharging door using water flushing. And if needed can put in a few stones and water to mix about ten minutes and then clean off. Use water to clan the truck, additive tank and its supply system. While at winter time, after finishing whole day work, must clean off the water pump, additive pump, water tank, additive tank without any residual to avoid damage the pump and pipeline system. Covering is also the very important maintenance way in winter time. If the plant will stopped at winter time, then need to start each part machinery by at least two times of 0.5h/Time each week so the equipments will not be frostbite, or happened with problem of non-start.


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