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How To Extend The Life Span Of Concrete Mixers

Jan 22,2006

   Concrete mixer is mainly to mix even the cement and gravel, here we can imagine, a concrete mixer must have very strong strength. And of course there will be some residual solid on the mixing blades and the mixer body will be stained with a lot of dirt. Here we need maintenance and repair for the mixer. Then how to maintain mixer well and extend its life span?

  First, well preparation before the use of concrete mixer: the most important work is to check if all various parts are under normal working conditions.
  Second, well cleaning of the mixer after work: when finish the work, must clean the mixer body of dust and residual in and outside the mixer and at same time avoid dust entry into motor and gears.  Well lubrication to the mixer lubrication points timely to avoid mechanical friction damages.
  Third, careful observation of the mixer during its work: for example to judge the conditions of the motor and gears by its working noise. If heard any abnormal noise, must stop machine immediately and check seriously until well remove the abnormal. 
  Only with each day well done maintenance, can the concrete mixer work longer and produce high quality reliable concrete.


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