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Forced Type Concrete Mixer Operation Notes

Feb 01,2007

1. After electricity supply connection, the power supply indicator light and failure indicator light are on.

2. Must turn off the washing switch when the mixer is working.
3. Strict forbid standing under the hopper when the hopper elevates
4. Strict forbid free stop when the mixer is running. Under any accident during work, must open the discharging door immediately and discharging 50% of the materials in the drum manually, check to remove the failure and restart to work. Note: Must cut off electricity at time of manual discharging.
5. Strict forbid any maintenance when the mixer is running.
6. During working, strict forbid the falling of sand or stone into those rotate parts of the mixer, and must clean up the residual at hopper bottom to avoid well open/close function of the door.
7. Forbid overload running of the mixer
8. When the mixer ends working, must turn on the washing switch to clean up the residual in the mixing drum.


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