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The Life Span of Concrete Mixer and Concrete Mixing Plant

Dec 21,2008


How long the Great Wall Concrete Mixer/ Concrete Mixing Plant Can Be Used 

I have contact mixer this industry for more than 10 years and have done business for two years, during this period , often there are customers ask me "How long your blender can be used, how much can your mixing plant ",  such a problem is really difficult to handle, it is hard to give an accurate answer.

Generally speaking,in few years,  under the situation of normal maintenance and without error, we can guarantee overhaul is not in need, at most replacing some parts.but , it is not absolute for the things like machine, especially some of the parts which are outsourcing, although we already chose the domestic first-class brand, but there are failure rate no matter what a good brand it is, the difference is  high or low.

And recently in have received a few after-sales service telephone:
HZS75 station of Anji in zhejiang province has be 10 years, China railway 15 bureau,the equipment is still in good condition, but because of the  site relocation, technical installation drawings is needed.

Guangzhou of guangdong province, JS500 build in 2009-stirring arm accessories.

Hebei handan, hebei central energy subordinates coal mine, JS750 build in 2004-accessories model list.

Before this, as i see and hear by myself,the model which is used for the longest time is Henan Xinxiang JS750 bought by a cement prefabricated pipe manufacturer in the year of 2007, it has been used for 9 years till this year, although looks shabby, but the performance is fine.

Since now there is the JS750 build in 2004. If someone ask me can use how long our mixer can be used later, i can say confidently more than a decade.

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