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The Maintenance of The Mixing System

Feb 15,2014


The Maintenance of Mixing System
1.Check if the shaft end seal cavity, distributor import and export, and seal tube line is block or be full of grease, is there enough lubricating oil (grease) at all lubricating points and deceleration box every time before working.

2. Every time before working, to observe if the oil in oil storage barrel of electric lubrication pump is used up, to fill in time when the oil close to use up, running without oil are not allowed.

3. The accumulated material in the inside and outside of mixing tank and in the discharge door must be clean up and be rinsed with water. The adhesive materials which can be rinsed should be been chiseled off at a regular every time after working.

4. The mixing blade must be adjusted and tightened once a week, in order to avoid the leaf come off and cause accidents. 

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