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The Maintenance of Power Supply System of Mixing Plant

Jan 13,2012

The Maintenance of Powder Supply System 

1. The vibrator of cement silo top dust collection device must be vibrated several times every week to clean up the adhesive dust on the dust bag (filter rod), ensure air running smoothly.

2. The inlet pipe inside wall, screw conveyor discharging mouth must be cleaned once a week, to avoid the hard blocks and sundry blocking and insufficient discharge .

3. Empty the cement in the screw conveyor, if the machine is not used for a long.

4. The head bearing and the middle bearing of the Screw conveyor must  be injected  lubricating grease every four hours (WAM screw machine doesn’t need inject lubricating grease), the tail gearbox change lubricating grease after working 500 hours for the first time, then change annually after the first time(no.00 lithium base grease).


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