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The Maintenance of Pneumatic System

Jan 05,2011


The Maintenance of Pneumatic System 
The maintenance of air compressor maintenance. Air compressor is the main part of the air supply device which plays an important role in the pneumatic system.Therefore,  the following  aspects of work need be done well during the using. 

    1. Check the oil level of lubricating oil, keep the oil level be between the upper and lower oil dipstick line,  the oil level close to lower oil dipstick line, add new oil.

    2. Matters need attention in operation: during work, the operator should always observe the pressure of air compressor, keep the value be not more than rated value. Check if there is phenomenon of oil leakage, gas leakage or abnormal sound, once discovering the abnormal phenomenon, we should immediately shut off the machine to check.

    3. Maintenance:
        (1) discharge the condensed water in time, open the drain valve below the gasholder after stop, let the condensed water out.
        (2) replace lubricating oil regularly, generally the oil replace period is determined according to operation time of the air compressor, replace the new oil each 1000 hours’ or 4 months’  running.
        (3) Regularly cleaning air filter cartridge, because if the filter cartridge is too dirty, the dust content of air in the air compressor cylinder will become too much, which will fast the wear and tear of the cylinder and piston ring and easy to form carbon accumulation that impact valve seal; even cause scuffing of cylinder bore, gas channeling, thus lead to oil pollution and affect the lubrication effect; When Channeling gas occurs, there even be phenomenon of oiling, the clearance between the cylinder wall and piston ring is too big, the polluted oil can go into the compression chamber and form the oil mist, and then pollute the compressed air pollution.

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