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The Use and Maintenance of Oil-water Separator and Lubricator

Jan 05,2010

The use and maintenance of oil-water separator and lubricator 
Generally, the compressed air which is output from the air supply device and get a preliminary purification still need go into the pneumatic equipment after going through pneumatic auxiliary components, such as oil-water separator, pressure regulating valve, lubricator, etc. The effect of oil-water separator is to filter out the moisture and dust particles in the compressed air. Therefore, for water in the sewage in water cup need be discharged by manual vent in time;

lubricator is a special kind of lubricating device, its role is to make the lubricating oil be injected into air flow after atomization and go into the place where need of lubrication with the air. The oil in lubricator is ordinary diesel engine oil. Cup oil in the oil in the oil storage cup should be changed in time, the storage capacity of the oil cup is calculated at 100 ml, it is advisable to use 100 hours. The effect of pressure regulating valve is to make the output pressure be in consistent with the practical pressure which pneumatic equipment and device need, and keep the pressure value be in stability.

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